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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the community with educational, cultural, recreational, and entertainment resources through a collection of materials, programs and other resources that we make available.

Village Library

King's Daughters Society of Haverstraw
The object of this Society shall be to bring into working relations all women of this town vicinity who [are] individually interested in works of charity..."

Article II
King's Daughters Society Constitution

Our History

On May 14, 1895, the King's Daughters Society, a very active charitable organization (also known as "The Haverstraw Ladies Home Mission Circle") petitioned the New York State Regents for a charter to create the Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library. Melvil Dewey signed the charter, making this Library the oldest chartered public library in Rockland County. The signed charter hangs in the Main Library today. Read more>>

Board of Trustees


Richard Freeman
Stephen Cobb
Gail Kaiser
Bonnie Koop
Patricia Soto
Kenneth Balban
Sonia Burgos Crannage


Vice President
Financial Officer

Expiring Term

June 2017
June 2019
June 2020
June 2017
June 2018
June 2016
June 2018

How to Get a Library Card

To get a library card, you must live in the town of Haverstraw or be in the North Rockland School District (NRCSD). Bring proof of your address and photo identification such as a driver's license or passport. On that day, you will be able to borrow 2 items and your card will be mailed to your home. The library card is free. However, if you lose your card, the cost for replacement is $2.00.

Your Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library (HKDPL) card will be accepted in all Rockland County Public Libraries and all the libraries served by the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS). Each library's policies, loan periods, and fines may vary.

Library Card Q&A

Can I get an HKDPL Library card if I don't have a Photo ID?
No. You need a photo ID and proof that you live within the library district. After showing photo ID and proof of residence, and filling out an application, you will be allowed to check out 2 items. Your library card will be mailed to you. A P.O. Box is accepted for the mailing address if a verifiable home address is included on the application.

What if I don't have a photo ID?
You'll be eligible for a limited access card.

What is limited access?
Your borrowing privileges are limited to the holdings of HKDPL. You are not allowed to borrow items belonging to other libraries in the RCLS district.

How do I get a limited access card?
You must show proof of residence consisting of 2 pieces of mail, one of which must be a credit statement, retail store bill, or utility bill sent to you within the past 3 months via the U.S. Post Office showing an address within our library district, or provide a notarized proof of residency form. Your card will be mailed to you. Nothing can be checked out of the library until you receive your card. No exceptions.

What about cards for children?
Children through the eighth grade, accompanied by a parent or guardian do not need ID other than the parent's or guardian's declaration that this is his/her child. The parent or guardian must supply photo ID of himself/herself. If the surnames of the parent and child are different, proof is required to verify the child resides with him/her. If a parent or guardian is registering his/her child for a card and the child is not present, one of the following ID's must be shown: the child's birth certificate or the child's social security card. The parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for all fines and damaged/lost items charged against a minor child's account.


Books and most other materials can be returned to any public library in Rockland County. Because we have a 24 hour check-in system, materials must be returned on the date they are due. Items returned the following morning will be charged an extended use fee.

Books due on a snow day will not be charged a late fee. They will be due the following day.

NOTE: There is a $2.00 fine for each magazine returned in the automated slot. Please return magazines at the circulation desk or into the blue book drop.

Loan Periods & Quantities


Express - 14 days; unlimited quantity
Adult Fiction & Non-fiction - 28 days; unlimited quantity
Children's & Young Adult - 14 days; unlimited quantity
Children's & Young Adult (School Projects) - 14 days; 3 per subject

Music CDs & Cassettes

14 days; limit 10 of each

Kits (Tapes/CDs and Books or Language Kits)

14 days; limit 10 of each

Nook or Kindle

14 days; 1 per card; must be in good standing; Haverstraw Library cardholders only

Magazines & Pamphlets

14 days; unlimited quantity

Videos & DVDs

DVD - 3 days; 8 per card (4 Teen and/or Children AND 4 Adult DVDs)
Children's & Young Adult DVD (instructional) - 7 days; 2 in addition to regular DVDs
Adult DVD (instructional) - 7 days; 7 in addition to regular DVDs
VHS/DVDs - 7 days; 7 per card


14 days; 4 per card

Video Games

7 days; 2 per card; Haverstraw cardholders only at Main Library in Garnerville

Museum Passes

3 days; 1 per family; must be in good standing; Haverstraw Library cardholders only

Tablets & eReaders

14 days; 1 per family; must be in good standing; Haverstraw Library cardholders only

Loan Fines per Day

Please note that accrual of too many fines may limit your ability to borrow materials. There is also a $2.00 fine for each magazine returned in the automated book return slot. Please return magazines at the Circulation Desk or into the blue book drop bin located outside of the Library.

  • Adult Audio Materials - $0.10

  • Adult Books - $0.10

  • Adult Magazines - $0.10

  • Children's Audio Materials - $0.05

  • Children's Books - $0.05

  • Children's Magazines - $0.05

  • Museum Passes - $10.00

  • Nook or Kindle eReaders - $10.00

  • Tablets - $10.00

  • Videos, CD-ROMs, & Video Game Fines - $1.00


Renewals can be made in person with the item and your library card, or you can renew your items from home by logging into your account here and follow the instructions below.

How to Renew Your Items

1) Enter your library card number and pin number.
2) Click on "Checked Out".
3) Check the boxes of the items you want renewed and click on the "Renew Selected" icon on the upper right.

Your items should now renew with new dates and a count of how many times your items has been renewed. If your item does not renew automatically, that means that you cannot renew that item and it must be returned to the library.

Email Notification

Sign up for Email Notification! You will be notified of items on hold that have come in, and of any overdue charges. It's fast, it's free, and more convenient than postal mail or phone calls.

How to Check Your Library Account Online

Did you know that you can check your library account online? That you can change your PIN number, place holds, renew items, and find out when items are due? Do these and more right from the comfort of your home!

How to Log into Your Account & What You May Find

To check your library account, first hit the Account button on our menu bar above or go straight or our Library Catalog under Find Information and click on My Account. Enter your 14 digit library card number and enter your PIN number. Your PIN number is the last 4-digits of your telephone number we have on record. Having problems? Come to the library and we'll be more than happy to help walk you through the steps.

How to Put Holds on DVD's with Multiple Volumes

1. Log in to your account.
2. Search for your item.
3. Hit the "Place Hold" button.
4. Scroll to the right and under "volume," press the down arrow and select which disc(s) you want.
5. Complete the hold request by selecting the "Place Hold(s)" button. A confirmation will appear and your hold will now appear in your account.

Library Services


Haverstraw Library cardholders in good standing may borrow tablets (Androids and iPads) for a 2 week (14 day) period. Many educational and entertainment apps have been downloaded to the tablets including Ace the SAT, Daily Cardio Workout, Recipe Search, Citizenship 2013, Rosetta Course, 3D Bowling and more. Drop by the Adult Reference desk at either building to borrow a tablet out.

Drawing tablets (Bamboo and VisTablet) are also available for those who wish to edit red-eye out of photos, put your signature on documents, draw and paint, transfer art to your computer, or just doodle. Enquire at the Reference Desk in the Main Library at Garnerville to reserve a tablet.


Nook Colors and Amazon Kindles are available for check out at both Library buildings at the Adult Reference desk. Only Haverstraw Library cardholders in good standing may borrow one out.

Our Nooks come preloaded with some content but patrons may download digital content onto the reader via our OverDrive digital download service. Instructions to download content from the Library onto the reader will be provided. Questions? Call the Reference Desk at 786-3800 ext. 18 or email us.

Museum Passes

Museum Passes are available for the following museums for Haverstraw Library card holders only:

American Museum of Natural History
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Bruce Museum
Guggenheim Museum
Hudson Highlands Nature Museums
Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
Museum of the City of New York
Museum Village
Storm King Art Center

Haverstraw Library cardholder must be established and be in good standing (i.e. patron must physically have library card at hand and have no fees). One museum pass per family for 3 days. There is a $10/day charge for late return of a pass. For a lost pass, the fee will be up to the cost of replacement of the membership.

Exhibiting Your Art at the Library

Generally, displays will be in the lowest level of the Main Library, outside the Community and Board Rooms. Call 786-3800 ext. 14 for more information and an application. For information on our latest exhibits, check our newsletter.

Donations to the Library

Donations to the library in the form of books may be designated for a general library fund or one of the following:

  • Natalie Tabbone Memorial Fund
  • Mary Grant Memorial Fund

A book plate will be placed in the donated book.

Please Note: Books must be brought into the library! Any books left outside the library will be discarded.

Notary Public

A notary is available 10 am - 4:30 pm weekdays, free of charge, at the Main Library. Call (845) 786-3800 ext. 14 for an appointment.

Fax Service

Our Self-Serve Fax Service is located at the Main Library. Domestic faxes are $1.75 for the first page and $1.00 each additional page. Domestic rates include the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. International faxes are $3.95 for the first page and $3.45 each additional page. NOTE: A credit or debit card is needed to use our Self-Serve Fax Service.

If you cannot or would rather not use our Self-Serve Fax Service, you may head over to the Adult Reference Desk at either building and a librarian will be able to send the fax for you. Fees are $3.00 for the first out-going fax page and $1.00 for each additional page.

If you would like to receive faxes at the library, the first fax is $1.00 and each additional page will cost $0.50 each. This service is also available at the Reference Desk.

Tutor Rooms

Tutor Rooms are available for North Rockland Home Instruction, Literacy Volunteers, and Haverstraw Library card holders (for mid-level tutor room only).

If you would like to use our Tutor Room, please sign up at the Adult Reference Desk or the Mid-Level Computer Sign-Up desk. Patrons who sign up for the room is guaranteed an hour to use the room. After that hour, they may continue to use the room if it has not been requested by another person but they may be asked to leave at any time should it be requested thereafter.

Quiet Work & Study Rooms

Quiet Work & Study Rooms are available for patron use on the entry and middle level of the library. Please sign up with a staff member before using either room.

The entry-level Quiet Study Room are for individuals looking for a silent room in which to study. Please refrain from chatter or excessive noise lest you be asked by staff to leave the premises. There is no time limit to how long you may use the room but please do leave in a timely manner before library closing hours.

The middle-level Quiet Workroom may be used by individuals or study groups. Patrons who sign up for the room are guaranteed an hour to use the room. After that hour, they may continue to use the room if it has not been requested by another person but they may be asked to vacate at any time should it be requested thereafter. Use of the room in on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Scanning Service

If you are in need of having a digital copy of a document, the library offers two types of scanning services. For free scanning service at the Computer Sign-Up desk in the middle level of the Main Library, we can scan up to 3 items per patron per day. Scanned items may be saved for you on your own flash/thumb drive or sent to you via email.

If you would like to scan 4 or more photos or letters, you may use our paid scanning services at the Adult Services area at the entry level. Each scanning session is $3 and you may scan as many as you like. Note: You must have either a flash/thumb drive or a CD-R/CD-RW to save your scanned files.


Both the Main and Village Branch Libraries have color copiers available for public use. Black and white copies are $0.15 per page and color copies are $0.25 per page.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available for patron use at both libraries. At the Main Library, the best wireless connection is located on the first floor near our Local History Room, the seating area near the Adult Mystery collection and the Children's Area on the middle level. If your laptop is not wireless-ready, you may connect directly to our network via a cable. If you do not have your own cable, you may request one at the Adult Services desk.

Public Computers

Public computers are available for patron use throughout the building. Please be sure to have your library card with you to sign up for the computers. If you do not have a library card, you may temporarily request a one-time use guest card. Be sure to bring a valid ID with you at that time.

Patrons are guaranteed at one hour of use on our public computers unless it's near closing hours. Should you need more time please ask a staff member for more time before your session ends and, at staff discretion, you may be allowed an extension up to one additional hour in 5 to 20 minute increments. The max total hours a patron may receive is 2 hours per day.

Please bear in mind that the second hour is NOT guaranteed and staff members are not obligated to give that second hour if you do not ask in time, leave and come back later in the day, we are near closing hours or if computers are all in use and other patrons are waiting to use our public computers to name a few reasons.

The first two pages of printing are free each day with subsequent pages costing $0.15 per page whether it is b&w or color printouts. CD and DVD-R/RWs may be purchased for $1 each. Flash drives are also available for $7 (1GB), $8.50 (2GB), $12 (4GB) and $14 (8GB).

NOTE: Computers shut down 30 minutes prior to the library's posted closing time. Our reservation system also stops signing users onto our public computers 10 minutes to our computer lab's closing time. Please make sure you come in before that cutoff time if you wish to use the public computers. For more information, check out our Internet Policy and Use Procedure.


Laptops are available for use by Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library patrons only. Patron must be 18 years or older, be in good standing (i.e. no fines, overdues, etc.), and have a valid drivers license to borrow one of our laptops. Laptops are for in-house use only and may not leave the Library building.

NOTE: Laptops are not connected to a printer. Please use one of our public computers if you wish to print.

Community & Board Room

These rooms may be requested for use for meetings or events. If you would like to reserve either room, please call Cheryl Fellner at (845) 786-3800 ext. 14 or reserve online. Online reservations must be confirmed by a call from the library first before your reservation is considered valid.


We have two microfilm machines available for use; one in the mid-level and one in the local history room in the Main library. We have Journal News and New York Times microfilms available for your perusal.


We have one electric typewriter available for public use in the mid-level of the Main library.

Local History Collection

The Haverstraw King’s Daughters Public Library’s Local History Collection is housed in the Thomas F.X. Casey Local History Room. In this room books, newspapers, photographs and other materials relating to all eras of the history of the town of Haverstraw and the villages of Haverstraw, West Haverstraw, and Garnerville are collected, preserved and made accessible to the public. These include old issues of the Rockland County Times, The Journal News, and the New York Times on microfilm, published histories of the area, collections of old photographs, newspaper clippings, yearbooks from North Rockland and Haverstraw High School, funeral home records, and much more.

Access to the local history collection can be given during the library’s regular hours. We ask that all users sign in using a library card or photo identification at the Reference Desk.

We accept donations of local historical significance. Donated materials might include: yearbooks, books, family histories, maps, funeral programs or local photographs. If accepted, these materials are added to the collection and are available for in-house genealogical and historical research. If you have materials that you’d like to donate, please call us at (845) 786-3800 x22 or stop by the Main Library.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our Local History Librarian, Catherine Campos at (845) 786-3800 ext. 22.

Rosman Library Floor Map

Can't find your way around? Check out our floor map below by clicking on the image for a larger view. For a pdf version, click here.

Haverstraw Library Entry Level Floor Plan Haverstraw Library Mid-Level Floor Plan

2016 Holiday Closings

New Year's Day - Friday, January 1
President's Day - Monday, February 15
Good Friday - Friday, March 25
Easter - Sunday, March 27
Memorial Day - Monday, May 30
Independence Day - Monday, July 4
Labor Day - Monday, September 5
Thanksgiving Eve - Wednesday, November 23, 5:30 pm early closure
Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, November 24
Christmas Eve - Saturday, December 24
Christmas Day - Sunday, December 25
Christmas Day (Observed) - Monday, December 26
New Year's Eve - Saturday, December 31

The Main Library is closed on Sundays during the summer starting June 26 to September 4. We reopen on Sundays starting September 11.

Closings Due to Inclement Weather

If the Library closes due to inclement weather, there will be an announcement on the Library's recorded phone message, as well as RadioRockland.com and Cancellations.com. Radio stations WHUD 100.7 FM & WRCR 1300 AM will also announce any changes.

Note: Any items overdue on a snow day will not be fined a late fee. They will be due the following day.

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Main Library

Main Library at Garnerville, NY
10 W. Ramapo Road
Garnerville, NY 10923 Directions >>
Phone: (845) 786-3800
Fax: (845) 786-3791

Sunday 1-5 pm*
Monday-Thursday 10 am-9 pm
Friday 10 am-5:30 pm
Saturday 10 am-5 pm

* Closed 6/29 -8/31.

Village Branch

Historic Fowler Building, Haverstraw, NY
85 Main Street
Haverstraw, NY 10927 Directions >>
Phone: (845) 429-3445
Fax: (845) 429-7313

Monday 12 pm-8 pm
Tuesday-Thursday 10 am-6 pm
Friday 10 am-5:30 pm
Saturday 10 am-5 pm

Board Meeting

When: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.

Where: Board Meeting Room, Main Library at Garnerville.

Who: Board Meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.

Archive: 2012 - Present

Department Staff

Director: Claudia Depkin

Assistant Director:
Donna Sopalsky

Head of Adult Services: Naomi Goldberg Honor

Head of Teen Services: Patrice Gottfried

Head of Youth Services:
Tara Morris

Head of Technical Services
& Circulation:

Debbie DiBernardo

Head of Custodial Services: Jessie Moore

If you are interested in holding a program at the library or reserving a room, please contact Cheryl Fellner at (845) 786-3800.

If your program pertains to a specific department, please get in touch with one of the department heads listed above.

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